Friday, July 03, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - an unexpected benefit

I'm late with posting my weight loss challenge report today because I was getting new PR photos done, something I've been putting off for far too long. But that's one unexpected benefit of losing 20 pounds - I'm not quite so reluctant to have my picture taken.

However, it's clear that exercise alone isn't enough to keep losing weight. Maintain a certain level, yes. Lose more, no. In other words, I'm still around 134. I didn't get quite as much exercise this week as I usually do, and I did eat a host of sweet things (strawberry shortcake!), so I'm glad I didn't gain. But I'm beginning to despair that I'll ever see the scale hit 132, let alone 130.

OTOH, last year at this time? I was 154.

This week's step/treadmill tally:
June 26 - 1 hr. on TM
June 27 - no specific exercise, did walk around shopping, so probably between 5,000-8,000 steps
June 28 - nothing
June 29 - 1 hr. on TM
June 30 - 1 hr. on TM
July 1 - went for a walk, but didn't wear pedometer - probably between 5,000-8,000 steps
July 2 - 1 hr. on TM

Here are some of the many, many pictures taken of me this morning.

This is how I look when the writing's not going well.

This is how I look when the writing's going well.


Anonymous said...

Oh Margaret! That's a glowing, happy picture. I love it.

Susanne, who was worried you weren't going to post weight loss this week. Maintaining is good.

Maureen McGowan said...

What a nice photo, Margaret!

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks for the compliments! Those are only two of the over 200 he took, so I have many to choose from! I may have to have a poll on my blog...