Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the Origin of the Hero

As has probably not escaped your notice, I have a new book out now, THE VISCOUNT'S KISS.

What you may not know is that the hero of that book first appeared 'way back in 2003, in a book I wrote for Avon called KISS ME QUICK. Even then, we don't learn about the man known to his friends as Buggy Bromwell first. We hear about his bestselling book, THE SPIDER'S WEB, an account of his voyage around the world studying various flora, fauna and especially his favorites, spiders. The book is a favorite of the heroine of KISS ME QUICK, Lady Diana, who dreams of being a writer herself:

"She supposed she could always reread a few of her favorites, like The Spider's Web, if she couldn't find something interesting here today. Perhaps she could try to figure out how the author had managed to infuse his scenes with such action and movement, so that she'd felt she was right beside him in the jungle or on the deck of a ship caught in a raging storm at sea."

Later, Diana is thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the author:

"She was too awestruck to say much of anything, especially when Lord Bromwell kissed her hand.

She didn't feel the thrill she experienced when the viscount had done the same thing, or the shock of disappointment when Lord Fallston had. This time, she felt as if she'd received a benediction from one author to another."

There's more about Buggy in KISS ME QUICK and its sequel, KISS ME AGAIN, (excerpt tomorrow) and the next book in the series, which was out from Harlequin Historical last summer, A LOVER'S KISS (excerpt on Saturday).

KISS ME QUICK is still available in ebook format. Otherwise, you have to find it used.

KISS ME AGAIN is still available in both paperback and ebook format.

A LOVER'S KISS is still available from Harlequin in ebook format and at Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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