Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If there were but worlds enough and time...

Malle Vallik of Harlequin has a post up at Romancing the Blog about web 2.0 and authors. In it, she mentions that time is a writer's most valuable resource. Yes, yes it is, so an author has to learn how to set priorities.

Which is one way to say my blog posts for the next few days at least may be spotty.

I need to get back to my revisions, but that's proving somewhat difficult, for a few reasons. We need to get work done on the house and I'm in the process of getting quotes for that, which means booking time during the day/evening when I could/should be working. There are also ongoing family issues (some good, some not so much) taking time and providing distractions.

I will continue to blog, especially the weight loss challenge reports because yes, that does help me stay on track, but otherwise, it may be "hit or miss" for awhile.

Priorities - I gots 'em.

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