Monday, April 27, 2009

I didn't get the shopping gene

I am about to utter what some would consider blasphemy.

I do not like to shop.

Furthermore, I do not like to shop for shoes in particular, and looking for a new dress comes in at a close second in the "things I'd rather not do with my day."

Actually, I don't really shop. I buy. I know what I want, or have a pretty good idea, seek it out, then buy it. I don't window-shop, stroll, wander, or try on clothes I have absolutely no intention of purchasing.

Ironically, one of my first full-time work experiences? Department manager of a women's clothing department in a major Canadian department store. Maybe it was all the hours of rearranging the displays, or being asked one too many times by complete strangers, "Does this look good on me?" or having lunch every day in the food court that also soured me on the shopping thing.

On the other hand, when I was in university, I worked for a while in the handbag section, and to this day, I love me a nice handbag and/or wallet. I still have the first Coach belt I ever bought. I'm hoping that, if I can keep up with the Weight Loss Challenge, I'll be able to wear it again. Then I won't have to shop for a new one.


Amy Ruttan said...

I don't like to shop either.

So it's not strange to me. I used to when I was a teen,but then I too started working retail and hated it.

I know what I want, I go in and get it. I just don't wander aimlessly with no intent to buy. I like online shopping. I've had a lot of luck with it.

I also tend to do my Christmas shopping in August. I get good sales and then I don't have to go out and face the wrath of the crowds in December. People think I'm from another planet when I tell them this.

Caroline said...

Hear hear! I hate to shop too! I've been known to buy 5 pairs of the same type of trousers just because they fitted well and suited me so I don't have to shop for more trousers when the one pair had died! The only shops I like are stationary shops so I can get my "fix" of pens, papers, folders etc. Office World rocks! Take care - Caroline x

Kaye Manro said...

Well add me to that list too. I do not like shopping and more, I hate malls. I so understand!