Friday, March 13, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - Still Stuck!

ETA: I just bought a pair of size 10 jeans. SIZE 10!!! It's been...a long time...since I was size 10. That's motivating, I must say!

Back to the regular blog:

Now that I have figured out how to upload pictures, this is one of the paths I walk. This picture was taken in the fall; I haven't been there lately because it's been too muddy. Also, a little past this point is where a two deer suddenly ran right in front of me, then paused and looked back. Cool!

But alas, I am still stuck at 139, despite adding to the exercise routine and making sure to do the exercise ball lifts...very...slowly. At least it was 139.0, but I'm beginning to wonder if I was hallucinating that 137.8 back at the start of February. On the other hand, I was most pleasantly surprised by my waist measurement (lost an inch and a half from October, last time I recorded it). I also noticed that I could slip my engagement ring off easily. Last summer, I couldn't budge it. So both my waist and ring finger circumference are shrinking - whoo hooo! And that's more than enough incentive to keep working out.

This weeks step/treadmill/exercise ball and crunch tally (because yes, I added crunches to the workout this week):

March 5 - 17,804 steps
March 6 - 1 hr. on TM, 60 eball lifts, 10 crunches
March 7 - 1 hr. on TM, 60 eball lifts, 15 crunches
March 8 - 1 hr. on TM, 60 eball lifts, 20 crunches
March 9 - 1 hr. on TM, 60 eball lifts, 20 crunches
March 10 - 1 hr walk (no pedometer, but that would make the day's tally somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 steps), 45 min. on TM, 65 eball lifts, 25 crunches
March 11 - 1 hr. on TM, 65 eball lifts, 25 crunches
March 12 - 1 hr. on TM, 65 eball lifts, 25 crunches

I confess I had three colas and some chocolate this week. Could that be enough to hold me back?? Considering I had soup for dinner at least three times, wouldn't that compensate? Maybe not.

Next week I'll add a few more exercise ball lifts. Those things are hard, but I need to work on the abs more than anywhere else and clearly, that's working.


Kaye Manro said...

That's a beautiful photo. Great looking place to walk when not muddy!

In the weight loss challenge, toned muscles do tend to weigh more than untoned. So maybe you are toning up and that's why you aren't shedding more pounds. If you see a change in your body and energy level, I think that's got to be good.

Amy Ruttan said...

Kaye is right. Inches dropping are good, muscle weighs more than fat. :)

Margaret Moore said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! Size 10 jeans. I'm still gobsmacked - happily so!

Anonymous said...

You're doing GREAT!! I'm on Weight Watcher's and I certainly understand being "stuck". Some weeks (when I've been particularly good)I don't show any weight loss....sometimes even gain a few ounces...THEN...the next week, I may "cheat" just a little...and lose weight!!!! GO FIGGER!