Friday, September 05, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge...What gives?

Well, I absolutely understand why people give up trying to lose weight. My weight this week, in spite of all the walking and weeding in the garden?


Yep, it went up. However, I have two explanations: muscle weighs more than fat and, in a word, cake. Not only was there a birthday, I made the cake, with a frosting that involves sweetened condensed milk. I licked the lids of the cans. I licked off the spoon and knife when I'd finished frosting the cake. I ate a piece of cake. And then last night, I made a blueberry coffee cake, fully intending to freeze it and save it for the Euchre Championship of the Entire World that I'm hosting (friends from high school come to play cards, eat and catch up on the news), until I messed up taking it out of the pan too soon and wound up with a mess. So I ate some, put some in the fridge for my mid-morning, after-walk snack (which I figure is the best time to consume same), and froze the rest for snacks another day.

I will keep trying. For one thing, I have more energy, and I'm really enjoying getting out and walking around. I'm fortunate enough to live where there are lots of parks and areas that seem miles from the city, even though we're near one of the original highways in Ontario.

I've taken a waist measurement that I am not going to share, but I will see if that changes even if the weight doesn't.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Here are my step tallies for the week:
August 29 - 12,892
August 30 - 11,805*
August 31 - 14,553 (I don't know what happened, but I had energy like you wouldn't believe on this day.)
Sept. 1 - 12,368
Sept. 2 - 12,647
Sept. 3 - 11,030 (this was the birthday, so I took the most challenging route for my walk and was not about to wear my pedometer out to dinner! I did not have a baked potato. I switched it to sweet potato fries -- was that better? I'm not sure. I do know white foods are like cake to my body.)
Sept. 4 - 11,597*

* I worked in the garden these days, getting up a sweat, even if I wasn't running or walking.

So, check back next week. That's when I was hoping to be down to 145. I don't think I'm going to make it. At this point, I'll settle for 147.

ETA: Clearly, I should be doing the weigh-in after my walk, instead of just after breakfast (cream of wheat -- not instant, which is too salty for me -- with blueberries and low fat soya milk) because when I did that today, whoo hoo! 147 on the nose!

I also went to a park I'd never gone to before and immediately thought, "Holy smokes! I'm in Narnia!" It was at the bottom of a hill, so much huffing and puffing on the way back up. I also thought I could get back to the entrance by circling around. Nope, so had to double back, meaning even more huffing and puffing. So far today, I've already done 11,573 steps.


Anonymous said...

Used to be a time when I'd have a couple of sleepless nights and lose five pounds. They're gone forever...big sigh.

I totally sympathize with you on the weight loss. I've got to lose five inches from my waist. I'm wondering if we need more time to lose the pounds, and need to be more patient. Over the last two weeks, I've walked at least four miles most days. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and the results. One can hope.

Meanwhile, continued good luck with your program, Margaret.


Margaret Moore said...

Thanks for the good wishes! My deadline to lose is next June, so I'm giving myself plenty of time and wiggle room, because there are Social Events where there will be sweet things. I do plan to reward myself if and when I get to 140, 135, and 130, with my ultimate goal of 125.

And if I make that? My reward will be a whole bunch of new clothes!

The big motivation, though, is a major Family Social Event. That'll keep me going, I'm pretty sure!

Amanda Burke said...

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I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog, Margaret. I wish you the best of luck on your program and hope this information helps you! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions or would like more information!

Amanda Burke

Margaret Moore said...

Amanda: I don't have a problem with your comments on my blog, but I don't believe in using weight loss products and/or supplements, either. I believe in the "eat less (or in my case, eat better), move more" approach.