Friday, September 26, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge - a little backsliding

As I suspected, I gained back a wee bit of weight from the party last Saturday. I simply cannot resist Rice Krispie Squares, and we had some left over, too, that I was forced -- forced, I tells ya! -- to consume. I also treated myself to a Coke and chips and dip last night, for the Survivor premiere (which I have to say, was not the best, I don't think). However, today the scales tipped at 145.2, so not too bad.

My walk count for last week:
Friday, Sept. 19 - 11,029 (prepping for the party, no other walk)
Sept. 20 - didn't record, but was on my feet most of the day
Sept. 21 - ditto, except was on my butt most of the day, recovering. I did go for a short walk in the evening, though.
Sept. 22 - 13,057
Sept. 23 - 14,092
Sept. 25 - 13,018

In addition to the usual birds, squirrels and chipmunks, this week I found myself within about 15 feet of two beautiful deer. I was just walking along and there they were, behind the fence on somebody's front yard.

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