Monday, September 22, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge...oopsy

Now that I've survived hosting the Annual Euchre Championship of the Entire World...

I should have worn my pedometer, because I don't think I sat down more than 45 minutes all Saturday.

As for the step count the other days, beginning with
Friday, Sept 12 - 13,274 (I also washed windows, so had a "reward" coke)
Sept. 13 - 5, 526 (this was the day I co-hosted a shower, so didn't wear the pedometer once I got ready for that.)
Sept. 14 - 15,768
Sept. 15 - 18,844 (did my daily walk, then also lots of shopping for the party)
Sept. 16 - 8,868 BUT I realized late in the afternoon that because of the slacks I was wearing (I think) the pedometer was only recording about 2/3rds of the actual steps, so I think I was probably over 10,000
Sept. 17 - 7,597 (I didn't go on my long walk, because I had too much to do.)
Sept. 18 - 8,339 (ditto the no long walk)
Sept. 19 - 11,029 (again without the long walk, which tells you how much running around I was doing getting the house ready and cooking)

Today, I weighed in at 146.0 after my walk. Ugh. But I let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted on the weekend. Today, it's back to the better eating.


Anonymous said...

You are inspiring!!!!


Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Susanne! I'm trying! There are still sweet leftovers that I have been powerless to resist, but I'm doing my best to ignore, and soon they will be gone.