Friday, May 18, 2007

A Tale of Two Endings

Last night, I watched the season finales of Ugly Betty and The Office. Both left very different impressions, and one made me seriously question whether I'll be watching next season or not.

(If you haven't seen these shows and intend to, read no farther. Spoilers abound!)

Fortunately, we watched Ugly Betty first, because I gotta tell ya, I was very upset by the end of this show. I realize that Ugly Betty isn't supposed to be a comedy, but a sort of dramady/soap opera hybrid. However, I usually find it fun and upbeat, not depressing.

Until last night, and the death of Santos. And he must be dead, or Hilda wouldn't have collapsed in a sobbing heap in Betty's arms. She would have grabbed Justin off that stage and gone to the hospital.

Yes, this was dramatic. Yes, it will make for a lot of new plot developments next season...BUT...but, but, but... I was really getting to like Santos. I was happy for Hilda, and looking forward to wedding shenanigans and the contrast between Hilda's wedding and Willamina's. I love Justin, and knowing his "big moment" will be forever tainted by his father's death? Just breaks my heart.

I would have been okay with Henry leaving and not yet knowing the truth. I would have been on anxious tenterhooks wondering about Santos if they'd left it where the cops come to Betty's door, and we know she's not going to get to the airport before Henry leaves. I was okay with the car crash and everything else. But knowing Santos is dead? That changes my anxiety from hopeful (maybe he's alive!) to sad (he's not). Now there's going to be a whole different feeling in Betty's house, and it's not going to be good.

Then we watched The Office. There is much about the antics in The Office that make me squirm. I feel so sorry for Michael much of the time. However, this show ended on a much more positive note (Pam and Jim!) and had one of the greatest surprise endings I've ever seen. I did NOT see it coming, and yet when it did, it made sense, and HA! Loved it! I'm gleefully anxious to know what's going to happen next.

And that's the big difference: The Office left me happy. Ugly Betty certainly did not -- unlike every other episode of the show. I feel like the show's done a 180 on me, and I don't like the new direction.

Will I watch Ugly Betty again? At this point, I really don't know.


Gigi said...

I am still hopeful that Santos isn't dead. It's classic soapiness to bring people back after they "die". Plus I read this a while ago: htp://

(read the first answer under "Spoiler Section" -- don't worry, it's old. I don't tell you this stuff when I first read it because I don't want to spoil anything for you). I think she's talking about Santos here since the actor was on that show DRIVE, which has since been cancelled so he can come back (and the people in the comments agree).

After all, we all thought Alex Meade was dead and the plastic surgery lady was Fey and turned out to be totally wrong...

Maureen McGowan said...

You know... I assumed he was dead, too... And it was super sad... But I was okay with it. But you're right about it tainting poor Justin's big moment. Very sad.

But they couldn't have Hilda and Justin move out of the house. That would have changed the show too much. Santos had to go and killing him, for me, was better than him deserting them again.

LOVED the "who got the job" surprise on The Office. LOVED IT! So funny. So perfect.

MaryF said...

I LOVED The Office!!! Next to Lost, the best season finale of the year.