Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"On the Lot"

I watched "On the Lot" the other night, the new reality show that's offering the winner the chance to be a movie director, or at least a "big break". In the first episode the contestants had a night to come up with a pitch, based on what was referred to as a "log line" and what I would call a premise. They were specifically told the story/movie idea should have a beginning, middle and end.

Some pitches were excruciating to watch, like the guy who went blank at the start. Been there, done that -- back in seventh grade. It is a horrible feeling.

Then there was the guy who decided to be high energy, but who only succeeded in earning baffled looks from the judges.

Unlike some reality shows, though, I felt this one actually had some lessons to impart. For anybody planning to pitch a book to an agent or editor: Take notes if you're going to be a complete nervous wreck. Better to have a cue card in your pocket you can use if you need it than just be excruciatingly silent.

For anybody planning a pitch or even going for a job interview: Don't try too hard to make a lasting impression; it could be the wrong one! Get some sleep. Don't make excuses or have a lot of rambling preamble.

I have no such illusions of usefulness for the upcoming Pirate Master. (Why not just Pirates? Why "Master?" Why not Captain? Why not Pirate Ship? I don't get it.) I'm thinking it's just going to be Survivor at Sea -- but that's enough for me, maties!

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Christine said...

I wanted to watch On The Lot and forgot it was on. I'll have to try and catch it.

And the ship that is used in the Pirate Master show is from Halifax! But I don't think I'll watch it.