Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ebooks and Me

I admit I'm slow to get with the new technology. I still use my computer as little more than a glorified typewriter. Well, I do email, and blog, and update my own website, but that's pretty much it. For instance, I have yet to play a game on a computer. We do have a cell phone, but I rarely use it. We have a DVD player, but nothing more sophisticated. We still tape shows on the VCR.

So when it comes to ebooks, I rarely even think about them. I certainly don't buy them. I may one day, but for now? They aren't really on my radar.

That means I tend to forget that some of my own books are out in ebook form. So far, my last two HQN releases, MY LORD'S DESIRE (February, 2007) and HERS TO DESIRE (August, 2006) are available at (MY LORD'S DESIRE here and HERS TO DESIRE here).

Avon Books has released two of the books I wrote for them in ebook format. You can order KISS ME QUICK (April, 2003) and KISS ME AGAIN (January, 2004) here.

And that's it for ebooks for me, so if you find any of my other Harlequin or Avon books being sold in that format on the internet, that's being done illegally. Neither Harlequin, nor Avon, nor I, are getting paid for those sales. To download them would be the same as if somebody shoplifted a paperback copy from a store.

I suspect that one day, I'll jump on the ebook bandwagon -- but that will probably be about the time I stop editing on hard copy, so I think it'll be a few years yet. I would probably have resisted those newfangled typing machines, too.

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