Monday, December 18, 2006


Last night, despite the revisions, I had to watch the Survivor finale. I enjoyed it a lot. I was so sure Ozzie was going to take it, but was quite happy that Yul did. I knew Becky had no hope, but she gave it a decent shot. The fire-making? Hilarious! I had some major quibbles -- the jury antics were particularly annoying, when they were supposed to be silent -- but all in all, one of the best Survivor seasons in a long time, and a satisfying conclusion.

Now if only somebody will get Ozzie and Yul on The Amazing Race...

In other revision-related news, after losing 51 manuscript pages, I've added 18 and I'm on Chapter Ten of Revision Draft II: Electric Boogaloo. Yeah!

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Nienke Hinton said...

I really wanted Ozzie to get it. He played fair and square and deserves something for his physical prowess. Plus, he's such a QTpie. But, Yul played a good game.
Way to go on recovering pages!
Happy holidays to you Margaret!