Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stop the Blog!

Or "stop the presses!" I have apparently been living under a rock (or working too hard plus getting ready for Christmas) BUT it is really true that next season's Amazing Race will be an "all star" edition. The teams are not confirmed...well, except it looks pretty certain that Rob and Amber of Survivor/TAR fame will be in it. Which, frankly, saddens me a little. I enjoyed them on Survivor and didn't mind them on TAR too much, but enough already.
However!!!! The speculation for teams has me giddy with excitement, because (a) they are some of my most favorite teams and (b) I've met some of them! If these teams are on, oh, baby, I am so there! Here they are, in no particular order, and I repeat that this is based solely on speculation.

Kevin and Drew, aka The Frats. Oh, how much I want to see them do the race again! They crack me up!

Danny and Oswald, who have forever changed our travel habits. Now, if we start getting stressed, we say "Be zen. Be like Danny and Ossy..."

Team Guido! (That little dog? Is Guido.)

Mirna and Charla. That's Mirna. Charla? That girl was tough!

The clowns! It seems doubtful, but I continue to hope!

Uchenna and Joyce. Also not on a lot of lists, but again, I'm hopin'!

Rumor also has it David and Mary from the most recent season will be returning. I like 'em! So that would be great.

Now off to more rearranging of the ol' manuscript. But there's a little spring in my step this morning thinking I could be seeing a great new season of TAR come February.

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