Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A-revisin' I will go!

Ay yi yi. My life would be so much easier right now if I'd gotten the book right the first time! But alas, I did not, so I've....

Totally rearranged about two-thirds of the book. Chapter Eleven is now Chapter Four, that sort of thing. I've "roughed in" the new transitions, and written one new scene. I've moved some small bits around. I've emailed the first two revised chapters to my editor and got the thumbs up that I'm on the right track. I've also lost 51 pages. Gone. Vamoosed.

Sound like a lot of work? It is, but now comes the real heavy lifting, because I have to make sure the new romantic arc works. I have to smooth the transitions, and fix/expand the "roughed in" parts. I have to make sure I've addressed my editor's concerns. Piece o' cake, right?


But it's my own dang fault. See, in attempting to increase one element of the story (plot activity), I skimped on a little thing known as "the romance."

Ooops. Really. Not. Good. When you're writing a romance.

So I'm moving, rewriting, inserting and deleting to get that romance front and center, as it should be, while also keeping lots of that plot activity. Because it's not that I shouldn't have both; it's that I didn't have the balance right, and that's what I've got to fix.


Mikaela said...

That part of skipping the romance part sounds familiar... I am writing a paranormal romance, except, well, I forgot about the romance scenes. And I had outlined them. sigh. But, I'll finish the first draft first....

Margaret Moore said...

Good luck with the fixing! I wish I'd found my error earlier!