Saturday, December 09, 2006


I've looked at my manuscript again, with my editor's comments in mind, and yep, I got me some rebuilding to do. It's as if I built a charming ranch-style bungalow with a deck, and I was supposed to do a two-story Georgian with terrace.

Oops. But I can use some of the same bricks. And maybe some of the shingles. I think part of the garden is okay.

Nevertheless, I've got a lot of work to do. First scene, gone. Another scene, gone. At least two more to add. Chapter Eleven's going to wind up approximately Chapter Three. And that's only the beginning.

However, once I'm over the shock of the less-than-completely-delighted editorial call and have figured out what to do? I'm good. Well, let me be honest. I wish my editor had called me, wildly enthused, and said, "It's great! Don't change a thing!"

Instead, poor woman got... dead air. Silence. I was trying to be professional when I really felt like curling up in a little ball and moaning piteously.

However, after I got off the phone and before two hours had passed, I had a long list of changes I could make to address her issues. I have a new blueprint.

Let the demo and rebuilding begin!

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