Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Week That Was....

From last Tuesday to this, I have been in a morass of stress and busy-ness that, I sincerely hope, is over for now. Last Tuesday especially was a very difficult day, including a family crisis and a very sad hospital visit. Then I found out I had proofreading coming my way.

That night, I was in no mood/frame of mind/state of being to work, as I'd deluded myself I might. Instead, I needed a good laugh, so I turned on How Not To Decorate, a British show with two of the funniest guys ever. And I got my belly laugh when Justin said, "Hit me over the head with a technicolor paint chart and call me Joseph!"

I've already got my proofreading done because it proved to be about the best sort of work for me to be doing while all hell was otherwise breaking loose.

And now, let us observe a moment of silence for my long-suffering editor, for alas, I have never met a manuscript I didn't want to fix. And so I do. Actually, this is the point in the process where I really feel the cold, harsh voices of reviewers in the back of my mind. "Your heroine is a shrew!" "That doesn't make sense!" "Anachronism!"

Now, it isn't that I'm not thinking of how my heroine might be coming across, or if my plot's making sense, or if I'm using an inappropriate word at every single stage of writing, because I do. It's just that I get completely, utterly neurotic when I realize this is my last kick at the can, so to speak.

But now that's done, I've caught up on my email, most of the crisis/busy-ness is done, and later tonight, while watching How Not to Decorate, I'll be getting my blog giveaway books ready to mail. And then it's back to THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT tomorrow. Bayard baby! Did ya miss me? I sure missed you!

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