Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two more new shows: one I'll watch again, one I won't

I've got a few minutes here at Ma Moore's Boarding House (as my home is currently called, at least by me) before I'm left to my solitude, so I thought I'd comment on two new shows I watched this week. At ten. Because by then, I've been too drained to do much but sit and watch TV.

The first was Smith, which I quit watching after 45 minutes. I thought the cast had potential. Unfortunately, the characters they portray are, well, just crooks. Bad guys. Simon Baker's character is really bad. Annoy him and he'll shoot you. I don't care how clever a heist scheme is, if the motive seems to be pure greed, as in this case, I'm not going to care about the characters or what happens to them. I'm out of there.

To compare to Prison Break, which also boasts some very unsavory characters: the lead character got himself tossed in jail to break out his framed, innocent brother. Capt. Wentworth didn't hurt anybody or actually steal anything. Indeed, his "bad acts" have happened since -- because he didn't really foresee all the consequences of his actions. He's big on the planning, not so much on human nature. His motive, however, was "good." Not greed.

The other show I watched last night and will watch again is Kidnapped. I wasn't going to watch this -- I have kids, so shows about kidnapped/missing children when you've got an over-active imagination as it is? Not a good mix. However, the network (wisely, I think) showed a preview that demonstrates that the kid is trying to escape and just might be successful. So far, I'm enjoying the cast and characters. They're interesting and there are enough secrets hinted at to make me come back. Plus, I want to see what the boy does, 'cause he's a bright lad.

Obviously, it's all about character and motivation for me. Same as with my writing.


Maureen McGowan said...

I really wanted to like Smith. As you know, I like seeing characters do bad things and understanding why...

I admit I didn't see it all (was flipping between that and something else) but I wasn't drawn in.

I hope they start to explore the backgrounds of each of them more so we understand better why they do what they do... Showing the contrast that he has a family doesn't make him interesting or sympathetic to me.

I compare it to the pilot for The Sopranos where they show Tony's vulnerable side and how he is with his kids (not just that he has them) to make us care about him even as he beats some guy to a pulp. To me, that's an interesting, complex character.

They did this well with the characters on Prison Break, too, and last season we got to find out which ones were sympathetic and which weren't. (As if that wasn't already a bit obvious.) And then the most sympathetic/likeable bad guy (John Abruzzi) they kill. A smart move.

Christine said...

None of the new shows have caught my attention this year. I'm hoping Heros on NBC will turn out to be good. Looks to be very character driven, which I love as well. If it doesn't pan out, I still have my old favourites to fall back on :)

And the new season of Battlestar Galactica starts soon!

MaryF said...

You have to admit, though, Simon Baker looked goooood.

But yeah, I probably won't watch it. I don't need to give another hour away!