Monday, September 25, 2006

Running oxen, flaming arrows

You know what I love about The Amazing Race? Besides the foreign locales? The roadblocks and detours, and trying to decide, if I were there, which one I'd do.

Last night, I think I would have gone for dismantling the tent. 'Cause with the filling of the cans and the oxen running amok? Not good. I have come to the conclusion that any task requiring co-operative animals is probably one to avoid.

In other TV-related news, I'm giving up on Desperate Housewives. Mike's in a comma and I realized I honestly don't care about any other characters, and in fact, find some of them downright off-putting (Gabrielle comes to mind). So...never mind.

Ditto Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I just can't get excited about it. And watching the room full of writers? So different from my own experience, and so noisy, put my teeth on edge. Not that I was watching closely. When I realized I was much more engrossed in THE GOOD EARTH (although I've read it before and what? Don't you all read during the commercials?) I went to do some work.

And now, speaking of work, my break is over and it's back to proofreading I go.


Carol said...

Don't you all read during the commercials?

Of course I do! lol

Margaret Moore said...

Heee! I figured there are many of us. *G*