Friday, September 15, 2006

Random Blog Giveaway III!

Today I'm giving away two sets of THE WELSHMAN'S WAY, and its sequel, THE NORMAN'S HEART. These are both part of my long-running Warrior series (more on that below), but like all my books, they were written to "stand alone" -- you shouldn't feel like you're missing anything if you haven't read the whole series.

From the back cover of THE WELSHMAN'S WAY:

Reluctant Bride

Never the docile, obedient maid, Madeline de Montmorency railed against her fate, proclaiming she'd not go willingly to the marriage bed of a stranger. Especially since her heart had chosen another alliance -- with a man branded as an outlaw, and a thief!

Rebel Outlaw

Dafydd ap Iolo was weary of the fight until he laid eyes upon the fiery Lady Madeline. For here was the first Norman he'd no desire to call an enemy, and his longing for the green hills of Wales dimmed against the burning flame of their mutual desire.

From the back cover of THE NORMAN'S HEART:

Iron-willed Groom...

Sir Roger de Montmorency demanded obedience. And the last person he expected to defy him was his very own wife! But the rebellious Mina challenged his authority as surely and swiftly as she fired his Norman blood.

Headstrong Bride...

Lady Mina Chilcott knew she wasn't the most beautiful of women, but she demanded respect...especially from her husband. And she would have it before he claimed his husbandly rights. Though her vow soon seemed impossible to keep, as the handsome Roger had laid siege to her maidenly heart.

One copy each of THE WELSHMAN'S WAY and THE NORMAN'S HEART will go to the first two people who email me at with "Roger" in the subject line.

Why Roger? Keep reading!

At the opening of THE WELSHMAN'S WAY, the heroine is in a convent. She hasn't seen her older brother, Roger, in a few years, and she finds out he's arranged a marriage for her. To say she isn't thrilled is putting it mildly. Then Roger himself arrives. As I was writing, she turned around...oh. my. word. Roger was just there for me -- fully formed, a complete character. I could see him, hear him, knew that he truly, honestly believed he knew what was best for his sister. In fact, he was so vibrant a character, I had to give him a concussion to keep him out of that book, because he absolutely deserved his own.

So he got it -- THE NORMAN'S HEART -- and lemme tell ya, that book was like taking dictation from the muse. I've only had three books that wrote that way, and it's a rare and wonderous thing. I note, though, that in all three cases, the hero was extremely vivid to me right from the get-go. Usually they take a little more work. Okay, sometimes a lot more.

As I said before, these two books are also part of my Warrior series (14 books in all). Dafydd made an appearance in A WARRIOR'S WAY (which looks as if it's got an ancestor of Alec Baldwin on the cover). Roger's overlord appears in a later book, THE BARON'S QUEST . For you Highlander fans, that's the cover that appeared, slightly altered, in an episode of that show.

If anybody's curious about how I developed such a long series -- because that certainly wasn't my intention when I sold A WARRIOR'S HEART -- you can find out more here.

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