Monday, September 18, 2006

The Amazing Race and China

Whooo hooo, The Amazing Race is back! The bestest, most interesting reality show on TV! I'll never forget that hand sculture on the beach in Uruguay -- "It's the last thing you see of a person before they drown."

They surprised me with the surprise elimination. Good idea to keep everybody - contestants and viewers alike -- on their toes. Although I have to confess, unless it's a team I really dislike (and that one young "let's test our relationship in possibly the most stressful way imaginable" couple is fast getting there), I hate to see anybody cut from the race.

Eating fish eyes? Eeeeuuuwww!

But CHINA! How cool is that? I've been interested in Chinese history and culture since I saw the films "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness" and "The Good Earth" based on the Pearl S. Buck novel (which I later read, as well as its sequel, SONS) when I was a kid. And speaking of cool, when I went to Amazon to check the title of the sequel, I discover there's a third book -- it's a trilogy! The third book is A HOUSE DIVIDED. I think I'll be going to the library later...

It was that interest that prompted me to write a historical set in Victorian England about a woman raised in China.

So today, it's another Random Blog Give-away, of my sole, lone extra copy of my second book, CHINA BLOSSOM (1992).

From the back cover:

A Budding Passion

Fragrant Blossom looked at him with eyes as blue as the China Sea. Such delicate beauty seemed at odds with the whipping scars across her back. This was no fragile china doll, but a woman with a will of stell. And she was determined to serve Darcy Fitzroy in every way possible...

He was like a god -- tall and broad, with a vioce like thunder. Most certainly a rich and powerful lord. And Fragrant Blossom belonged to him, body and would. Willingly she offered him a thousand and one delights. So why did Darcy Fitaroy continue to refuse her precious gift?

Trivia note: For some reason, "Darcy" became "Frank" in the Brazilian edition of this book.

The first person to email me at with "China" in the subject line will be sent this precious gift.

Added after lunch: Sorry, folks -- the book's been spoken for. But I did a massive search of my cupboard and boxes, and found some more books, so there will be more blog give-aways to come!


Cherie Japp said...

I remember watching the Inn of the Sixth Happiness as well. I lloved it so much that i had to by a tape of it to watch again. Never watched The Good Earth however.

Margaret Moore said...

I'm not the only one who remembers that film! I loved it and now that I know it's available to purchase...well, Christma is coming. The Good Earth is heartbreaking. but wonderful. *G*

I've put in a request for all three books at the library.

Carol said...

The Good Earth has always been one of my favorite books. I read it when I was a teen. It was one of the books you could buy through the school and I still have my well-read copy!

Congrats to the lucky winner of CHINA BLOSSOM!

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats to the winner!