Thursday, December 29, 2005

It all started with a new monitor.....

Why, I am asking myself, did I ask for a new monitor? Well, okay, I know why. It's because flat screens take up a lot less space, and the monitor for the email/internet computer was starting to go. So -- hooray! -- I got a new flat screen monitor.

But then things began to go awry. The mouse went erratic. The mouse would be of the same vintage as the old humungous monitor, so it could have been age and much use that explained that. So off we went for a new mouse.

After my unsuccessful attempt, we got a wireless mouse that should have worked with the old computer, and when my husband first set it up, it did. Then came the morning, and the computer refused to recognize the upstart. Since the husband was out, I called upon my equally computer savvy son to attempt to fix it. No luck. So then, while watching Stargate and mulling over the fact that the only thing that mucks up their computers are aliens or other evil forces, I had the idea to switch mice from the Frankenputer upstairs that I use for work (composed of vintage mouse, newer computer, the keyboard that came with the mouse and monitor so recently retired, and a new flat screen) with the new wireless one not working downstairs.

Voila! We have lift-off! All is well with the world...until I try to use my scanner because I want to change the background of the index page on my website.

Woe is me! What's amiss? It's not scanning the whole picture. And sometimes it's all green! Could it be aliens??? Or has something else messed up? After many frustrating attempts at scanning, I finally try rebooting and JOY! Rapture! It works.

For now, anyway. At this point, I'm almost afraid to turn anything off in case it doesn't work when I turn it on again.

Computers are great things when they work, but there are times a quill and a bottle of ink look mighty fine....

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