Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shoppin' till I'm droppin'.....

Today is the Big Shop, when I head to the mall and try to get as much of my Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop as I can. I don't particularly enjoy shopping. Buying gifts when you know exactly what and where? That's fun. Wandering around a mall like an amnesiac (Have I got something for everybody? What would they like? What color?) Not so fun.

This year, having been to the One of a Kind Craft Show, I was under the impression that I had most of my shopping done. Then I started going through my list. Nothing for him, need something more for her...and on it went. We're expecting a Big Dump O' Snow in my neck of the woods later today, so I'm heading out early and hope to be finished shortly after lunch.

Then I have to finish cleaning up my office. I started off that task in the storage room, actually. We're throwing out the 25 year old artificial tree, so that freed up some space for some boxes of old manuscripts that were in the rec room closet. That led to cleaning out the big rec room closet where the old manuscripts had been. Which meant cleaning out some of the shelves in another closet in the rec room. But all this means I have more room in my office cupboards, so today, I tackle the office itself.

The glamor of the writer's life, eh? :-)

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