Friday, September 23, 2005

Who needs sitcoms anyway?

I realized awhile back that I no longer watch sitcoms. Nor do I have any desire to watch sitcoms. Being a writer, the next logical thing for me to do was discover my motivation for this change of viewing habit.

My conclusion: I get more and better laughs watching my favorite reality TV shows, either directly by what's on the show, or indirectly, through the discussion with my family, or when I read the clever, very funny posts at
Television without Pity. I haven't seen much scripted TV comedy recently that was funnier than the beloved Frats on The Amazing Race. One night, while watching The Apprentice, I referred to Donald Trump as "Mr. Trump" and just about fell off the couch laughing at myself. I can easily waste an hour reading the reactions to the latest Survivor episode at TWoP, chortling away. The networks can keep their sitcoms. Give me reality TV and TWoP.

In writing news: I finally got some quiet time to work this morning. Best of all, I reworked the beginning of my book, and I think it's much stronger and more compelling now. Often a break, even if it's forced upon you, can yield good things.

And then I rewarded myself by visiting TWoP.


Pink Pen said...

Don't get suckered into the games sections on the TWOP forums... I can waste days playing six degrees of alias. is totally my friend. And is it really scary that I know all of the main actors' filmographies by heart?


Margaret Moore said...

Nah. You're just a fan. And I must be the only person in the world with a computer who doesn't play games on it. Not a one. Never have.

I prefer to waste my time reading posts at TWoP. Which is why I dedicated my latest book to the posters and recappers there. *grin*