Thursday, September 15, 2005

Holy advances, Batman! I'm in the wrong genre!

So there I am, perusing the October issue of Vanity Fair (the one with the over-exposed in so many ways Paris Hilton on the cover) before nodding off last night, when I read something that makes me wide-eyed with shock. And I quote, referring to Dan Brown, he "made the unheard-of leap from lower-midlist thriller writer (who had reportedly agreed to write THE DAVINCI CODE and his next book for $400,000 combined)..."

What the --? This guy's a "lower-midlist" author and he's getting $400,000 for a two-book deal??? I'm a midlist author and I make no where NEAR that kind of money. Not even remotely close. Either I'm in the wrong genre BIG TIME, or Mr. B. was NOT a lower-midlist author. I suspect the latter. But it's not like I have any urge to write thrillers. Not my cup of tea. I read Mr. B's book and can see why it did well, but it's still not my cup of tea.

In other news, the distractions continue, but not the aggravating kind. Yesterday, my sister needed some emergency babysitting help. And I got two really excellent reviews for my upcoming release, so I wanted to get that information up on my website ASAP.

Today I realized that my book's on-sale date, September 27, is the same day as the start of the new season of The Amazing Race. I'm taking that as a good omen.

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