Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where have I been?

Actually, I've been at home. So why haven't I been blogging?

Well, for one thing, it's harvest time, so I've been making scads of tomato sauce and applesause and am still freezing vegetables.

I've been doing some research reading and trying to get back to walking, which is pretty time-consuming, actually.

I've also been watching the new TV shows and deciding which, if any, I'll continue to watch. So far:

Lone Star: The producers are apparently trying to blame the fact that this show is up against Dancing With The Stars to explain its dismal showing. I have another reason, after watching the premiere episode. You can try all you want to make me sympathize with a character, but as long as he's deceiving two women, I'm not gonna. Simple as that, end of the show for me.

Blue Bloods: Dear Tom Selleck: You are not 25 anymore. Please stop dying your hair. You'll look fine gray. Despite that distraction, I was enjoying this until the end with the whole Blue Templar thing. If my brother was killed by some secret conspiracy, I don't think I'd be too anxious to get myself killed, too, by going undercover. And how's he supposed to keep that under his hat when his whole family is in law enforcement? I can't suspend my disbelief quite that much. And if it's this or the new Sherlock Holmes? No contest.

Law and Order LA. Okay, here's the thing. I get that the whole notion of the show is "ripped from the headlines," but when the story is THAT similar to what's on the entertainment news I flip past? I'm not impressed. If you want to go with "true stories", why not dig into old Hollywood for inspiration, something that we don't hear/see every week whether we want to or not? How about something similar to the Fatty Arbuckle story? Or Lana Turner's daughter's trial? Still, I'll watch this again, just to see if they stop trying appeal to the youngsters with the stories. If not, though, I will mourn the loss of Lenny even more.

Hawaii 5-0. Just not my cuppa. Despite the attempt at a serious undertone, it's still too light for me to take it seriously, or make me want to watch it.

The Whole Truth: Way too "jumpy choppy" for me.

The Event: I'll say this for them, they didn't keep us dangling with who/what the 97are. Unlike Lost, which I gave up on, I feel there's a hand at the helm that actually has a plan. I'll watch again.

While I'm on the subject:

Survivor - Whoo, way to talk yourself off the island (or land mass, as the case may be), Shannon! I think Jimmy J. was actually relieved to be gone and didn't try too hard to stay.

The Amazing Race - Somebody who has never even heard of Stonehenge? I just...I can't...I have no words. On a sympathy note, those roundabouts are tough to figure out. When we went to England, our daughter was dubed Roundabout Girl, because it was her task to figure out which exit we should take as we were going around (first, second, third, etc). Without her able assistance, we might still be there, going 'round and 'round.

Now it's back to blanching/freezing/reading/walking with me! Just FYI, it's Canadian Thanksgiving on October 11, so I probably won't be blogging until after that.

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Anonymous said...

You've obvioulsy had better luck with the gardening than I did. We got a few dozen little plum tomatoes, and then that was it. I had a catterpiller infestation, and they stripped four plants bare almost overnight. The poor plants never recovered. The cucumbers did nothing but die as soon as the set fruit. Even the petunias gave up the ghost afer we went away for a weekend, and they didn't get watered for 4 days.

A for TV, I haven't watched most of what's out there. I watch a few political shows on MSNBC, and the rest of it's PBS, TLC, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Food Network, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, History Channel, History International, NatGeo, or Animal Planet.

My one real claim to mindlessness is that I love to watch QVC. I've never bought anything in the 19 years that I've watched it. The only real "network" show that I see (actually, it's just hear) is Letterman, but only because I'm usually at the computer while listening to the local news, and don't bother to get up to change the channel.

As for the walking, Ilka hurt my shoulder in training class, and I am not walking them as much as I should. We are postponing her intermediate training until we see what's going on with my shoulder. I've hardly worked with Lucky, either, and he has two more basic classes to go.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Hope the kitties are both well, and still friends.