Friday, September 24, 2010

Love sunsets? Me, too!

I went for a walk last night and remembered to bring my camera. Here's the sunset from the beach.

Earlier in the day, I read a synopsis that I wrote about 18 years ago. And you know what? It's still got potential. Well, I guess I've always thought so, or I wouldn't have kept it. But I think the time has finally come to see if it's got "legs."

Which just goes to show, if you come up with a story you like but don't have immediate plans for it, keep it! I have another idea that's been kicking around for about 10 years's staying on the computer, too.


Sophia Harrop said...

I do love sunsets, yes, and also beaches. This photo reminds me of an evening on a beach in Cumbria UK, when I was 13 and holiday there. I threw a bottle into the sea with my name and address in. It was found the next day, probably in about the same place, by a boy of 15 walking his dog. We were penpals for a few weeks, then it fizzled out, but it was so exciting getting that first letter!

Anonymous said...

Pretty. I wish we had a nice beach like that near here. Most of the beaches here are not "groomed", and are full of dead seaweed.

I do hope that one of those ideas that you are kicking around is Charlie's (Drury's and Buggy's friend) story. I wold love to read what finally happens to him.

Speaking of pictures, I need to go through my newer ones to find something to enter in an upcoming show. I had one win an Honorable Mention at a photo show earlier this year, and have it and another entered in yet another photo show now.


Margaret Moore said...

I love the penpal story! I would have been excited, too.

Sorry to disappoint, but by the time I got to Buggy's story, Charlie just wasn't a strong enough character for me to want to write a whole book about him. Nevertheless, I wanted readers to know he found love, too, so that's why I gave him a little happy ending of his own in THE VISCOUNT'S KISS. :-)