Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What do you give a 90 year old?

We have a birthday in the family this week. My mother-in-law is turning ninety. To say the world has changed during her lifetime is no small understatement.

What does one give a person who's reached that milestone and who, truth be told, doesn't need much? This was a puzzlement, until I hit upon an afghan pattern that requires 90 squares, one for every year of her life.

Although she'll be getting it later today, since she doesn't have a computer, I think I'm safe to display it now. It's made of wool intended for baby clothes, so it's very light and soft. It's also machine washable.

How long did it take me? I can't really say, because it was the sort of project I could work on while watching TV. I can say I started it last fall, worked on it off and on during the winter, and finished it on Sunday to give to her tonight.

Here's hoping she likes it!

ETA: She did! :-)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. My mom used to do crochet, cross-stitch, plastic canvas, and tons of other stuff before she had her stroke, and we all had afgans, plus she gave them as wedding and baby shower presents. I used to crochet some, but never really had the patience for it.

I have a funny crochet story about my mom. She started a granny square, then fell asleep. She finished tha square in her sleep, cut the thread, and tied it off. Then she woke up, and started looking for the square that she had just started. We had a little bit of trouble convincing her that she had already finished it.

Are you still walking a lot? Now that school has started up, the dogs and I are out on the roads again. It's too hot and humid to do more than about two miles, but we are looking forward to cooler weather and longer walks. In the meantime, I've got Lucky halfway through a basic obedience class, and Ilka starts up her imtermediate class on the 11th. I am still trying to teach them that they are NOT locomotives and that I'm not a 250 car coal train.


Margaret Moore said...

My Grandma Moore tried to crochet her IV line when she was in the hospital and not quite awake yet. :-)

Alas, I fell off the walking wagon and into bad soda habits when it was really hot and humid, and my weight has gone up accordingly. However, it's turned much cooler, so I'm back walking starting today. Nothing like seeing that number on the scale to inspire one!