Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Holiday News

Working with dial-up is proving to be an interesting experience. I've learned that the best time to get on the internet is early in the morning, when traffic is lighter. Or I should have my book at hand, so I can read while a site loads.

It's hotter 'n Hades. And muggy. Fortunately, we have air conditioning here, although I try not to use it and keep the thermostat high. But when it's humid, air conditioning is a relief.

We brought the cats with us, and they seem to be adapting. No wars, at least, as the picture below demonstrates.

What is it with some guys and the loudness of their vehicle engines?

And just a reminder that I have a book (with one of my favorite covers ever!) out soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi. What, exactly,is your definition of hot and muggy? Right now at 8:00 AM. it is 76 Farenheit, and 91% humidity. The humidity should go down into the 80-85% range later on, with the high only in the upper eighties, so the heat index should only be in the nineties.

Actually, the Eastern Seaboard is who I feel sorry for. At least we are used to it here on the Gulf Coast. Also, we are also supposed to have rain for most of the week, and they don't.

We had a bad scare with one of our cats over the weekend. Suits didn't come home Saturday night. She finally showed up at about 10:00 last night, very hungry.

Glad your kitties are getting along.

As for the loud engines/exhaust, I think it may be the modern vehicle equivalent to the codpiece. I'm also pretty sure the baggy, falling down pants are the clothing equivalent.


Margaret Moore said...

We're talking 95 degrees with about the same humidity. Heat alerts, smog alerts, you name it, we got it.

Just FYI, I've realized dial-up is way faster in the am., so will probably save my comments, etc. for the morning.

Vanessa Klassen said...

PERFECT...I loved it.