Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Romantic Times Review - good news and bad news

When it comes to reading reviews of my work, picture me holding the magazine or looking at the computer screen with my hands over my face, fingers slightly open, ready to cringe. Because believe you me, nothing can wreck your day like a bad review.

Fortunately, the Romantic Times reviewer liked HIGHLAND ROGUE, LONDON MISS:

"The talented* Moore has penned another exciting Regency. The narrative is rich, the dialogue authentic and the characters entertaining.**"

* Being called "talented" is a thrill.
** This is just about exactly what I hope a reader feels about my books, so yeah!!!

But then, oh woe! I have taken my hands away from my face only to discover that instead of referring to my hero by his nickname "Quinn," the reviewer has called him "Quint." In her defense, his full name is "Quintus." However, after having given one hero an unfortunate moniker when he was an evil secondary character that we were then both stuck with when I decided he had hero potential (alas, poor Urien, forgive me!) I would never call a hero something that sounds like "Squint."

Nevertheless, four stars is good and the quote is great. AND they included a picture of the beautiful cover, so all in all, I'm far more pleased by the review than upset by the mistake.

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Leona said...

Sweet! congratulations!