Friday, June 25, 2010

Off to the land of pie and sloth...

I'm heading off to a holiday in the Land of Pie and Sloth, aka Chatham-Kent, in Ontario, ancestral Canadian home of my clan. A couple of points to note about the area, besides the good farm produce, Lake Erie and home-made pies:

After recording the most votes via internet poll, Chatham-Kent will be occupying the Boardwalk square on the new Canadian version of Monopoly, beating out places like Toronto, Montreal and Banff. To which I say, whooo hooo!

It may be called Chatham-Kent, but to me, it looks more like Lincolnshire.

The man in charge of parcelling out the land, Colonel Thomas Talbot, had been an adjutent to Wellington, and was quite the character. He named an awful lot of roads, etc, after himself.

It has the most wind turbines in Ontario.

My mom's dad was known for having the best farm in the county and my dad's dad was the best commercial fisherman on Lake Erie.

I may have some internet access, but it's going to be dial-up, so I may blog or I may not, if it's too frustrating. Because really, I'm going there to eat pie, read, relax and maybe stain some furniture, if I can muster up the resolve after gorging on pie.


Anonymous said...

Have fun. By the way, do you plan on using pie or wood stain on the furniture? I mean, pie would give a whole new twist on "cherry" stained wood.


Deborah Hale said...

Enjoy the pie and the sloth, Margaret! Congratulations on getting the latest MS in!

Margaret Moore said...

No, I meant wood stain - but having just pitted some cherries, I'm now stained.

Dial-up is slow and we're having other technical issues, so today I can post, tomorrow, who knows?