Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whole lotta shakin' goin' on!

Whew, Nellie, we had an earthquake this afternoon. 5.5, apparently. There I was, eating my lunch, watching Law & Order, and my bookshelf starting to make odd noises. Also, move. I didn't hear any large trucks passing, so it finally occurred to me that we've had an earthquake. One poor cat was meowing away, the other is in hiding somewhere.

Something a little different in my day, that's for sure!


Leona said...

Wow, I didn't realize you had them where you are! We had small one here in WA and people went nutso. Although I think it was a 5.5 at epicenter, what we got here was much lower.

I hope your cats calm down soon lol

Anonymous said...

I heard about it on All Things Considered this afternoon. It is a strange sensation. We were out in California visiting my in-laws when one happened out there.

The epicenter was almost 100 miles away from where we were, but we felt it. I thought that Lucky was trying to rub his harness off against my chair again, when Dad pointed out that the light fixture was moving. Joe was out for a walk, and he didn't even feel it.

Hope the cats are recovering.


Margaret Moore said...

The Count meowed and went back to sleep. We didn't see Luis until the evening. Then we had a thunderstorm. Poor guys!

And there's a new cat in town. S/he was on our front step, having a stare-down with Luis. The Count was in our bedroom, so I quickly shut the door to stave off Cat Wars III. That worked - whew! I've had enough of that, believe you me!