Thursday, May 06, 2010

Working, working, working....

I'm back from my short writer's retreat. This is the beach with the pier and lighthouse near the house where I stayed.

Did I get a lot done? Quite a bit, although it's always a slow slog through certain parts of the middle, where I'm wondering, "Why is that there? Who cares?" or "What was I thinking?" or "Oops, I guess I lost track of that character..."

So, still lots to revise and rewrite, but it was wonderful to have some different scenery and fewer responsibilities, even if it was just for a couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. While you work on your book, I'm housetraining a 4 month old puppy. You definitely have the quieter job. Puppy Ilka is very LOUD. We're not really sure what kind of mix she is, maybe Lab, Border Collie, a touch of Pit Bull, a dash of German Shepherd, with a pinch of Siberian Husky thrown in for the howl.

She followed Lucky and me a couple of weeks ago, and the lady at the house she followed us from said she didn't know who the puppy belonged to. I put out an ad, but nobody has called to claim her so I guess she's ours. She was probably dumped because she's getting too big and had mange. The vet and I are guessing she'll top out at around 70 to 75 pounds when she's full grown. At not quite 5 months, she's already 30 pounds.

Good writing,