Friday, May 14, 2010

Saving Private Robin

Have you seen the trailer for the new Robin Hood movie, the one that shows a ship with lowering bow like a WW2 landing craft? (See it here. The ship's near the end.)

My son's reaction said it all. "It's Saving Private Robin!"

I don't mind some anachronisms in books or movies because, for instance, we'd never be able to understand a word of dialogue if writers were strict, but that? Is a landing craft too far. I don't know that I'll be able to watch the movie, because that's the kind of thing that will drive me nuts.

Also, say what you will about King John (and note he was so unpopular, there has never been another king of England named John), at least the man actually lived in the country for more than a few months, unlike, say, his brother Richard.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Let's not forget Magna Carta. I know he was forced to sigh it, and later cancelled it. But still, he did give away a lot of the king's powers over the people. And if I remember correctly, Richard HATED England, and used any excuse to leave it.

Did you see the History Channel show about the movie? I have it recorded, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

I have to admit that my two favorite Robin Hood movies are (of course) the Errol Flynn/Basil Rathbone version and the Mel Brooks version "Robin Hood: Men in Tights". Speaking of Basil Rathbone, he was such a wonderful villain, I don't see how they ever cast him as Sherlock Holmes.

And have you ever noticed all those zippers up the back of dresses in alot of these "historical" movies? Seems to me that the zipper is a fairly mordern invention, not from the 1600's. Actually the term "pin money" comes from Elizabethan times. Most of their clothes (at least for the wealthy) were held together with straight pins. The pins were very expensive, because they had to be made one at a time, by hand.


Margaret Moore said...

I think I'm trying to ignore the movie. :-/ I may go see Letters to Juliet because I think one our tour guides on our Italian trip is in it.