Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Me, I'm working, but more for my own piece of mind than necessity.

Because my mind can do strange things when I'm getting close to a deadline. Case in point: I put post-it note reminders on the calendar, and I managed to cover up the last week of May, so when I glanced at the calendar on Friday, it looked as if I only had two weeks left to finish my book, instead of three.

Like the Grinch, I stood there puzzling and puzzling, doing the math in my head and thinking, "That can't be right, because if it is, I am in deep doo-doo."

Fortunately, it wasn't right.

Nevertheless, it's close enough that I'm going to spend part of the day working. But that's part of the gig when you're self-employed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Happy Mother's Day to you too. Mine started off with a bang. Actually, it was a loud crash. Sandy (17 year old kitty) had a seizure on the kitchen counter at 4:30 this morning, and knocked a bunch of stuff onto the floor. Fortunately, I got there in time to keep the ceramic cookie jar and glass canisters from falling. Because I don't do well after being woken up so abruptly, I have spent most of the afternoon asleep.

I'v been working out in the yard a lot this week, and I'm stiff and sore. I still need to put up aome fencing around the bottom of the deck. Ilka has found ways out of the yard that Lucky either didn't know or care about. The chicken wire that has kept him in for the last two years has proved to be no obstacle for her. She just pushed it out of the way.

We also seem to have lost Bulls-Eye, the littermate of Splash, the kitty that was hit by a car. The last time he was seen was Thursday night, but I couldn't get him into the house. Usually he is there the next morning, wanting breakfast, but not this time. We've called him and looked around, but no cat. Best case senario is him showing up very hungry in a few days, worst case is that he is dead. He was a house cat for 6 years, but was never really tame, but always shy and a litle wild. He could be very loving at times, but the least little movenent on your part while you were petting him would make him run.

I'm looking forward to the book. Happy writing.


P.S. My word verification is grine. I wonder if it is related to grime?