Monday, April 26, 2010

Lo, the deadline approacheth...

Just FYI, my deadline is looming, so my blog posts will be infrequent until the book is done.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Write away. I'll just keep watching for any new posts, if I survive dog walking. I don't remember if I mentioned the puppy that followed us, but nobody has called to claim her. So it seems that we have another dog, a 4 month old mix of who knows what, but most likely lab, pit, border collie with maybe just a dash of German Shepherd.

Today we did three and three-fourths of a mile in an hour and 15minutes. I am beat, but Ilka (the puppy) is raring to go. She has to be kenneled outside right now because she has mange. I'm looking forward to being able to bring her in the house.