Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Amazon Boo-boo

Just when I think I've experienced most writerly frustrustations, along comes a new one. The Amazon page for my next book, HIGHLAND ROGUE, LONDON MISS, contains editorial reviews for a totally different book, and not just that, but a totally different type of book.

My book is a Regency-set historical romance. The "editorial reviews" on Amazon belong to THE PROGRAM: THE BRAIN-SMART APPROACH TO THE HEALTHIEST YOU: THE LIFE-CHANGING 12-WEEK METHOD.

I did check the Amazon page for THE PROGRAM to see if my book description was there, which would have been...interesting. It's not - the right comments are there - so somehow the editorial reviews for THE PROGRAM got added to my page by mistake. I've emailed Amazon and alerted the powers-that-be at my publisher. But really, what next? The wrong cover?

(Egad, I hope I didn't just jinx myself! These are the sorts of thoughts that can give a writer nightmares!)


Anonymous said...

Hi. At least they spelled your name correctly. And the comments on the other book could have been very negative. But you're right, it definitely would be better if it was about your book, and not another.

At least you didn't give yourself a concussion like I did Monday afternoon. While I was looking for something under the kitchen sink, John climbed up and got a bowl out of the upper cabinet to the left of the sink. I didn't realize that until I stood up and hit my head on the open door. I still have the headache and dizziness, but not as bad as yesterday. At least I managed to get a walk in today. Now, I'm goimg to lie down and take a nap.


Vanessa Klassen said...

Hi dear Margaret, I am a brazilian Law student, and I write too, mainly poetry... Well, I liked very much your texts.

I hope you could visit my blogger too, at the moment some texts (poetry) are in portuguese, but I'd like to translate to English very soon.

See you...

Vanessa Klassen