Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What are these creatures invading my space?

I've been doing a little Christmas decorating. The Count is not impressed.


Anonymous said...

Umm, Margaret, cats aren't supposed to be impressed. It's in their contract that they can disapprove of any and every item in the house.

I am currently fostering a kitten with the same name as one of your heroes. His name is Connor. I found him on Concord Road yesterday in the cold (mid forties)and rain. He is pure white with gold eyes. Poor kitty was running after some man who said it wasn't his cat, so Connor is with me until he can find a home.

Needless to say, the other cats are NOT amused. Like I said, its in their contract. Of course, when I tell them that baths, flea medication, dewormer and the like are also in there, they refuse to believe me.

By the way, The Count and his brother are gorgeous.


Kaye Manro said...

LOL, Margaret! This is so funny. I bet your cat isn't impressed. He looks like he wants to get rid of all the Christmas things, lol.

Leona said...

Georgous cat, probably wishes he could keep the fluff and get rid of the stuff! I love Christmas!

Margaret Moore said...

On behalf of the Count, I thank you for the compliments, although as Rosemary would agree, he thinks they are no more than his due. :-)

Bless your heart for taking in the stray, Rosemary, although you've already got so much on your plate. Luis, the Count's brother, would go ballistic if we tried to bring in another cat.