Friday, December 04, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - progress at last!

I wasn't optimistic when I stepped on the scale yesterday afternoon. I bought some excellent toffee at the One of a Kind craft show on Sat. and munched it until Wednesday, when it ran out. I didn't get a chance to exercise at all on Monday.

But lo! I was 139.2. Granted, this is not a huge drop, but still - progress!

As noted in my blog last week, I sometimes rowed instead of walking/treadmilling. I started at 450 strokes, which worked up a good sweat, used more muscles (arms and back) and took about 20 minutes, so it's a faster, more extensive workout. Unfortunately, rowing isn't the best for other parts of my body, so I don't know if I can do it more than twice a week.

Today and tomorrow, I'm helping to move furniture. I'll probably get on the treadmill today, but not tomorrow, and I suspect I might want to spend most of Sunday recovering. But at least progress has been made, so I'm a happy camper today!

This week's walking/treadmill/rowing tally:
Sat. - 10,101 steps
Sun. - nothing
Mon. - rowed 450 strokes
Tues. - 1 ht. on TM
Wed. - rowed 550 strokes
Thurs. - 45 min. on TM (I didn't sleep well Wed. night, so I was too wiped to do more)

It'll be interesting to see what next week brings! I made a cake yesterday for company and have left-overs.

ETA: I realized I ought to clarify that I didn't make the cake because I thought a cake could offer companionship. Daughter was coming for dinner and I made it for dessert. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi. I can honestly say that it is officially cold out there (expected high of 43). And wet, because it is raining. Actually, this area is looking forward to something that hasn't happened since 1948/49. We have the possibility of two years back to back with measurable amounts of snowfall (I mean this IS the Gulf Coast area I'm talking about). We had 2 to 6 inches last December, and there is a 70% chance of snow later this evening when the temerature drops into the 30's. I'll have the cameras ready.

As for walking, Lucky and I have walked for at least an hour every day except Wednesday. That day I took the new kitty to the vet and two pet supply stores. One had food on sale, and the other had litter. I took a nap when we got home.

When we walk, I feel like the Michelin man, I have so many layers on. And I think that Lucky is starting to appreciate that coat he's always hated wearing before.

Yesterday was my son's 7th birthday, so we took him up to J C Penney to have his pictures taken. It was hard work but we had a couple turn out good. They sure earn their paycheck when he goes in.


Anonymous said...

Well, some areas got a couple of inches, but my end of town only got maybe half an inch. Most of it is gone now, althogh there is still some in the shade. I got a few pictures.


Margaret Moore said...

Still no snow here - thank goodness, as we were moving furniture yesterday! Supposed to get some this week, though. Shovel, here I come! :-)