Friday, December 11, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - Holiday Hiatus

Well, I'm not going to make my goal of 135 by Christmas, not unless I go on a crash diet of some kind, and I don't think that's a healthy decision, so that won't be happening.

What also hasn't been happening, though, is daily exercise. I got swamped with work-related work, as well as holiday prep, and there were a couple of days I just couldn't take an hour for the treadmill or walking. I also fell off the cola wagon, big time. So all in all, this was not a good week for the ol' weight loss challenge. Mind you, I'm still hovering around 140, so it could be worse.

That said, I'm throwing in the towel with this Challenge, declaring it a failure. But because I still want to reach my Ultimage Weight Loss Goal of 130 pounds, I plan to start a new Challenge sometime in mid-January.


Leona said...

Good luck with the holidays :D

Hey, I got my stamps. My check should go out today if the mailman gets it! Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Well, considering that I still don't have a battery for my scale, I have no idea what I weigh, unless I go to the vet and use theirs. I have been doing pretty well with the walking, however.

Lucky and I have been out 4 days this week. Yesterday, I had my son home from school. He is back in school today, so Lucky and I bundled up and walked for an hour and a half. The weather has been screwy this week. It was almost 70 degrees on Tuesday, and it is down in the 40's today.

Today's walk was so long because I wanted to go to a local cemetary to look around. Several years ago, it was overgrown with weeds, and used as a dumping place for trash. Then, a local woman started a volunteer group to clean and care for it. Today, the grass was short, and it was mostly clean, and some of the graves had flowers on them. Lots of the graves and headstones sre neglected, however. It is an older cemetary, with very few burials later than the 1970's, so I suspect that some of the families are no longer around. All in all, though it is in much better shape than it was.

My holiday downfall will probably be all the cookies that I have baked. I just love those soft molasses cookies, and who can resist chocolate crinkles? It would take a stronger person than I.