Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

Although time is of the essence, I'm posting a picture of our Christmas tree, which we put up and decorated on Dec. 15. It's not a real tree - the cats kept drinking the water and I didn't think sap would be good for them, so we've opted for an artificial tree for a few years now. It looks pretty skinny here. It's wider "in person." (Is it like video adding 10 pounds to a person, only pictures make trees look skinnier?)

A few words about some of the ornaments:

I made this one in nursery school. I will not say what year, but let's just say, it's definitely vintage.

My husband has been a Three Stooges fan his whole life, and our kids have been raised with such Stoogisms as "spread out!" and "oh, wise guy, eh?", so yes, we are the people who buy Three Stooges tree ornaments.

My mother has been buying us ornaments every year since I got married. The most recent editions have been Wizard of Oz ornaments, very fancy ones that have lines and music from the movie. Lest you think that's not very Christmassy, let me say that there have been days leading up to Christmas days where "I'm melting!" seems rather too apt.

One of my favorite items on the tree is the angel at the top. My younger sister made it, so it's unique. She used lace left over from the bridesmaids' dresses she made for her wedding. Yep, she not only made her wedding dress, she made all the outfits for her bridesmaids, too.

Finally, what would Christmas be without a cat picture, if one has cats? Here's little Luis, cleverly hiding near a Sephora bag, so he's camouflaged.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. We made it out to Cailifornia. We didn't even put our tree up, because we were leaving, but we always use a fake tree. I quit putting glass ornaments on a couple of years ago. That was the year when my son discovered that glass ornaments explode when dropped on a wood floor. He broke more ornaments in a week than the cats had in 15 years, and my cats climb the tree and sit in it.

Hope everyone has a Meowy Christmas.