Friday, May 15, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - Forced to diet

There's an unforeseen bonus to having new windows put in and painters all over the place - I couldn't get to the kitchen for snacks. Of any kind. Or lunch yesterday (save for an apple I grabbed from the fridge). And with the hubby not home, either, dinner was salad last night and a sandwich the night before. Mind you, I did have a Coke and chocolate chips last night, but I figured I'd earned it.

Because not only was I unable to access a goodly portion of my house and was forced (FORCED, I tells ya!) to stay in my office and work for several hours, before that I had to prepare for the windows and painters by (a) cutting down masses of ivy from the outside walls and cleaning the brick as much as I could (b) packing up china (three cabinets) and two wall units full of books and moving them to other areas of the house and (c) sanding the two bedroom window areas after the windows were put in (because the painters aren't working in those rooms). So I had a lot of physical activity that wasn't necessary leg related, but still burned calories.

Next week I hope to get back to the regular routine, although gardening's going to start coming into the mix, as well.

But it all paid off, because this morning, I was back to 135.2. Despite Mother's Day chocolate. Yeah!

This week's step/treadmill tally:
Friday, May 8 - 13,207
May 9 - 40 min. on TM
May 10 - 45 min on TM, packing books and china
May 11 - 1 hr. on TM
May 12 - 9,807 steps (including walking very fast because I was late to get to a concert)
May 13 - painting and generally running around, but didn't wear my pedometer and didn't get on the treadmill because...I was lazy.

So no big meals and plenty of exercise (except for yesterday) = weight loss of at least a pound, possibly two, despite copious amounts of chocolate. But I don't recommend trying to get by on such small meals, because it meant when I got to the chocolate...well, it was much more difficult to stop than I usually find.

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