Monday, May 25, 2009

Four outfits and a wedding

I did work today. More on that after I do my email newsletter, because I have a Big Announcement and the subscribers get Big Announcements first.

Then I went shopping. For a Mother of the Groom outfit.

Now, I do have one...but it's sort of short (as in above my knee), so I decided to see what else I could find.

Okay, given that my son is of marriageable age, I'm no kid. Neither am I a grandmother. Unfortunately, the fashion industry seems to think you are either 15 and going to the prom or 65 and going to tea. Or else you're going to a Very Fancy Shindig requiring an outfit that cost $500 plus. Or else you're 25 and going to a cocktail party.

In other words, the pickings are slim for a mature woman who doesn't want to look like a granny or a kid.

Finally, finally, after going to specialty dress shops, I wound up at a department store. I found two outfits - on sale. Both were longer than the outfit I already have, and a little fancier. Then I found a pantsuit with wide pants and a lovely jacket-type top that was not on sale and cost more than the other two outfits combined.

I bought all three.

I think I had a combination of mall-atosis (brought on prolonged exposure to mall air - it's what turns my husband comatose after setting foot in a mall) and desperation.

So I have got my bases covered. One outfit (the one with pants) I can wear to at least one other wedding-related function, if not the wedding. The other three? Well, there are nieces and nephews who may be getting married some day. And if you see me at the RITA awards and I have on a jacket that's either dusty/peachy rose or pale green, well, you know I got some use from the jackets.....

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