Friday, May 22, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - at last!

Whoo hoo! It looks like I may have finally cracked the glass ceiling of 135 pounds, and this despite not doing regular workouts this week. Instead I was waxing floors, painting and toting books and boxes. Mind you, that made me thirsty, so I had more than two Cokes, which is what I've been trying to manage.

Yesterday, after my walk, the scale read 133.6! This morning, it was back up to 134.6, but that's not unusual for me. What I hope it means, though, is that unless I do some serious backsliding, I should stay under 135. Yeah!

And my doctor tells me the exercise ball is fine to use again, so I should get back to that, because yes, I've noticed a difference without it. I still haven't gotten into a routine with weights for the arms, though. I've been telling myself "wax on, wax on, wax on" was sufficient. :-)

This week's step/treadmill tally:

May 15 - 1/2 hr. on TM, 6450 steps
May 16 - 4594 steps plus waxing/polishing/moving furniture
May 17 - painting, waxing, polishing, etc.
May 18 - floors and painting
May 19 - nothing (out for the morning, then recuperating from waxing, polishing, etc.)
May 20 - 17,037 steps
May 21 - 13,273 steps

Today, it's the treadmill and exercise ball for me. Now that I've seen the scale dip to 133.6, I'm even more inspired to keep going. I may just make 130 by August!


Anonymous said...


I'm fascinated by your weight loss and your progress. It's quite a compelling read.

You spoke about arms ... the Toronto Saturday Star is doing a series on how to get arms like Michelle Obama. FYI


Margaret Moore said...

How timely! :-) Thanks for the heads up!