Monday, May 04, 2009


So there I am, reading through the second draft of my manuscript, and it hits me.

These two scenes are awfully similar, in tone, in location, in conflict and action. So why are there two?

And thus, in only the first four chapters, I have hit a major revision/renovation. Because, no, there shouldn't be two.

This sort of revision isn't something that fills me with joy. I don't think, "Oh, yes! This is gonna be great! What an improvement it will be!"

I think, "Why did I write two scenes in the first place? Why not just one? What was I thinking?"

Well, what I was thinking when I wrote those two scenes 'way back when was that I needed two scenes.

To be fair (to myself), there are differences, especially emotionally. Unfortunately, upon this reading, I realize the differences simply aren't enough to warrant two separate scenes.

So now you know how I'll be spending my day.

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