Thursday, February 07, 2008

Curse you, Turner Classic Movies!

We got over a foot of snow yesterday and last night. So I've shovelled the walk and driveway four times, and have the aching back to prove it.

Therefore, I had to take frequent "back breaks" today, which led to checking out the Turner Classic Movie channel. That's how I came up the classic 1966 adaptation of James Michener's Hawaii. starring Julie Andrews. Right at the very start.

Oh, man. I couldn't stop watching. And it's not exactly a short flick.

Fortunately, I had already done some revising today, or I would really have the guilts. Tomorrow, though, I have to buckle down and try to get a little further before the weekend.

Tonight, Yau Man returns to Survivor, so you know where I'll be. With a song in my heart and the heating pad on my back.


Kimber Chin said...

I LOVE Turner Classic Movies. I think I've watched Camille a dozen times in the past couple months (such great acting and awesome dialogue).

The thing about the older movies is that they relied heavily on writing and acting. They didn't have the fancy special effects or crazy car chases. Wonderful.

Margaret Moore said...

Ain't that the truth???? I caught a bit of It Happened One Night last night, and not only is it wonderful, it stands the test of the time in no small part, I think, because of the wonderful characters and dialogue.