Monday, February 11, 2008

Book in minature

It occurred to me, as I was contemplating the revisions I'm doing for the first third or so of my book, that this feels rather like the way I feel writing an entire book. That is, the beginning needed some trimming, I know where I'm going for the end, but the middle's a bit of a muddle and needs a lot of moving around, adding and deleting. It's almost as if this first third is a novella all on its own.

As I blogged yesterday, I was full of energy and even I'm surprised at how much I got done. While I did some revising, I was happier to get a lot of the little niggling chores that have been distracting me (think mosquitoes buzzing about my ears) for a while now off the List O' Things To Do.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your excellent review! (I'm catching up!)

I love crossing things off my to-do list, whether it is a material or mental list. With four kids (now under the age of 11 -- woo hoo) it is an endless list of lists of things to do.

Made my deadline, not happy with the ending. Now trying to have nerves of steel while I wait for my sweet editor to kill me kindly!


Kimber Chin said...

I finally read Knave's Honor last night and wow, did I enjoy it. It definitely deserved the great review.

My only issue is it was so engaging, I gobbled it up in a couple of hours. Now, I'm left to look forward to the next one.

Margaret Moore said...

Congrats on finishing! The waiting for editorial input never gets easier, does it?

Kimber -- so glad you enjoyed KH! Thanks for the kind words!