Sunday, January 13, 2008

Whooooo hooooooooo!

So excited, had to post again. The ending of tonight's Amazing Race had us clapping and cheering and I thought Daughter might pass out for joy. So happy to have those three teams in the finale!

Also on tonight: The Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel as Edmond Dantes, for whom one of our cats is named (ie The Count). His brother may be the only pet in the world named after Luis Guzman (who plays Jacopo in the film). The name thing started as a joke about hiring Luis Guzman to be our son's bodyguard in Europe (kind of like Jacopo in the movie is the Count's bodyguard/valet).

This is Luis, up in the basement ceiling, where he took refuge while we were having work done on the fireplaces. Yes, he has a "soul patch."

The other cat giving you the arrogant eye is, of course, the Count, seated beside his brother Luis (they really are brothers). Note how Luis is keeping watch -- The Count may think he's the alpha male and act like the alpha male, but Luis is actually the fiercer watchcat.

Tomorrow, I won't do another post, because I have to start the next book, THE WARLORD'S BRIDE. Starting a book does not get easier, at least for me. There's just so much to be done in the beginning: set the stage, introduce the characters, introduce the conflict, set the pace.... And I know I will rewrite and revise and edit it many, many times.

But in this case, I reread the synopsis today, and I've got a lot of story there, so whooo hooo! Also, arranged marriage -- whoo hoooo! And it's a sequel -- to KNAVE'S HONOR (out now!) -- so I already know the heroine. Whoo hooooo! And I'm back in medieval Wales. Whoo hoooo!

If only I didn't have 400 or so pages to write, I'd be really excited. :-)

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