Friday, January 11, 2008

TV Strikes, Hits and Misses

So, how do I, TV watcher, feel about the writers' strike?

I empathize with the reason they're on strike, and I believe they won't back down until they get what they want. The last time their contract was negotiated, they accepted the argument that nobody knew what was going to happen with videos and DVDs. Of course, they sell gazillions, and the writers (justly, in my opinion) feel they've been taken to the cleaners. They aren't going to buy that line again when it comes to new media.

I'm not personally losing any income from being on strike, though, so I can appreciate that they might not be able to hold off forever. However, I think cracks are starting to appear in the united front of the production companies, and it's only a matter of time before the production companies realize the writers believe they were hoodwinked and won't let it happen again.

But let me speak now as a watcher of TV. First, it's like the summer hiatus, and having grown up when there were only reruns in the summer, it's not a huge deal for me yet. Also, I like reality shows -- to a certain extent -- so so far, I haven't felt a lack.

And there's some really good news on the TV horizon -- the return of Yau Man on Survivor! Also, Ozzy, James, Amanda and Cirie. (See the complete cast here.) I'm dismayed by the return of another former cast member, though. Bet you can guess which one.

The Amazing Race is still going strong. Yeah! The new season of Project Runway just started here. I am not desperate enough to watch Celebrity Apprentice, although I confess in a whisper that we have been watching Crowned: the Mother of all Pageants. Daughter and I watch together and discuss, tongue firmly in cheek, what we'd do for each challenge. This week, our "platform" would have been to see that every child in the world is "Stooge-proofed," so that they know how to fend off eye pokes a la the Three Stooges. Daughter also referred to the judges by the Curly-esque "Judgy-wudgy."

And sadly, I'm finding some of my former "must see" TV has fallen from that roster. I found myself reading during Ugly Betty last night. (ATONEMENT, more on that when I've finished the book and/or seen the movie.)

I'm sorry to have to wait longer for 24, but last season kinda lost me. It's getting more and more difficult to believe Jack Bauer is even remotely human in terms of miraculous survival. I've already given up on Prison Break.

Stephen Colbert seems better able to get along without writers than Jon Stewart.

What was up with Law and Order: SVU this week? As one of the posters at Television Without Pity noted, it was like we were suddenly watching one of those Saw or Hostel movies -- and I can't even bear to watch the commercials for those.

Most missed shows? Heroes, Chuck and The Office.

How 'bout you?

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