Friday, September 28, 2007

TV hits and misses

Now that the new TV season is in full swing, here's my take on some of the shows, old and new.

Prison Break: I dunno. Captain Wentworth still brings the pretty, but the plot seems to be calling for an incredible suspension of disbelief I may not be up for. However, that Whistler guy sure cleaned up nice -- and he's got that delicious Aussie accent to boot. I'll give it a few more weeks.

Heroes. What can I say? Hiro in medieval Japan. I'm there.

Journeyman -- I watched this strictly for Kevin McKidd, and was not disappointed in his abilities. But this could get a little repetitious. I'll keep watching for a few more weeks and see how it goes.

Chuck -- I don't get the flashbacks. I find them almost dizzying, and what's with the apple pie? And is Secret Agent Man dead? Too bad. Over at Television Without Pity, they're referring to Chuck's good buddy as Jack Black Lite, and I have to say, I concur.

Reaper -- Chuck 2.0, with a paranormal element thrown in. I suspect I'll forget to watch this next week.

As we did Gossip Girls this week. Bad sign. My main problem with that show, besides being several years removed from high school, is that the lead actress looks, to me, far too old to be a high school girl. I know girls these days look very mature for their age, but if somebody told me she was 32? I'd believe it. Whereas when Buffy started? I could totally buy those were high school kids.

Cane -- aka Jimmy Smits Talks A Lot On The Phone. I guess there was a plot here, and goodness knows Polly Walker should be in anything she cares to try, but this was boring. Not even the young hunks can save it. Eye candy only goes so far.

Kid Nation: aka Survivor Junior. How sweet was Jimmy? How cold does it get there? I went to summer camp in Canada, so I know from chilly mornings and getting dressed in the ol' sleeping bag, but still, this seems a little brutal for the younger kids. This also seems an odd mix of "let's see what the kids do" -- with a lot of planned interference (the caste system comes to mind).

America's Next Top Model: I'm finding this show less and less interesting. I was especially put off by the way Marvita was made to reveal details of her past she might have preferred not to have broadcast nation-wide, then they cut her. Unkind, to say the least.

Bionic Woman: Hey, it's Starbuck! And a couple of other Battlestar Alums! Cool! As for the BW herself -- I can see you'd be a little ticked to find out you've got a lot of new parts, but if the alternative is death? I think you could be a tad grateful -- until you found out about the new wiring in the cranium. THEN I could see getting really angry. Also, it seemed to take forever before she asked about L'il Sis after the accident. I liked the notion of Bad Prototype on the loose -- especially when it's Starbuck.

Life: I watched this solely for Damien Lewis, who will forever be Soames to us. As expected he was good -- but could they tone down his yakkery a tad? I can see his mutterings getting old fast.

Private Practice -- I don't watch medical shows. Not even Lance of the Lovely Lashes can compel me to watch, and not even if it's (mostly) a soap. Downside of a vivid imagination coupled with worry wart tendencies.

The Office -- oh, Jim! Oh, Pam! So cute! And yet, I worry that they'll do something to break them up. Dwight, you have so blown it! Happy to have the gang back!

Ugly Betty. ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Oh, how could you??? I was so happy, thinking Santos had survived, only to be thrown that curve at the end. I loved the opening, and then... I want the old Betty back. The competent, not going crazy Betty. I actually found her scenes stressful, not enjoyable. And I could live without the Amanda stuff. The kid who plays Justin? Love him! But I tell ya, the slip into dark with this show is not going well with me.

Next week, we finally get The Tudors. A somewhat sanitized version on the local network, but still...The Tudors!

And although I've already blogged about Survivor: Soaking in China, I'll say it again -- Go James!


MaryF said...

My Name is Earl was my favorite show this week. I enjoyed The Office and Heroes, too.

This week - Supernatural and Friday Night Lights!!!!

Christine d'Abo said...

I hope Journeyman keeps up the pace. I like the first show and will turn in tonight. Heroes, House, Crimial Minds, and CSI were all good as well. Bionic Woman might be good...crossing my fingers.