Friday, September 14, 2007

Restin' the Wrist

I suspect I'm like most people who write, type, keyboard or play an instrument for a living, in that I dread doing something or having an accident that will impede my ability to use my hands. So I play close attention to any aches or pains I get in my wrists. This morning, no doubt because I've been sending a lot of long emails this week (planning a family function), writing longer blog posts and writing my book, my right wrist is a little sore.

So it's getting a break. I'm only going to be doing my five pages a day on the weekend, and short emails. Fortunately, all the party planning is now done. Unfortunately, that means no hand sewing, either, so the curtains will continue to be incomplete.

But I'm not taking any chances. Not when it might mean I'm putting myself at risk for carpel tunnel syndrome.

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